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Best Cooling! 1U / 2U CPU cooling fan for Intel / AMD, full series!!!

Power Supply Accessories

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Picture of PAPTX-AGP

Multi Riser card for AGP/PCI/PCI Express

If you are not sure what card you need, send email to us include your MB model # and what slot you will use

3U Intelligent Green Saving LCD Display & Fan Control

(6 x 5.25" + 2 x 3.5" HDD + 2 x 2.5" HDD Bay) Rackmount Chassis w/ Lock Door

(Extend EATX / ATX / Micro-ATX / Mini ITX) Server Case 

Support Standard ATX PS2 / PS3 size PSU  & Mini-Redundant Power Supply







(Shown with optional 6 x RW-425 Backplane)


Support MB size:

a. 12" x 13" Extend EATX MB

b. 12" x 9.6" ATX MB

c. 9.6" x 9.6" Micro-ATX MB

d. 6.7" x 6.7" Mini ITX MB

Chassis supports Intel Tylersburg and the other general platform



build in Intelligent LCD display with fan control
efficiently fan life time extendable

build in removable front key-lock door with air filter

HDD drive bay with anti-vibration function
high grade aluminum rackmounting handles

support up to 12"x13" eATX or smaller MB

main construction sheet metal by 1.0mm~1.2mm

high & clean grade Korean SECC (not cheap SGCC)

easy swap removable 12cm fan brackets

most Redundant Power Supply  durable fixed at inside & outside

normal PS2 & most Taiwan Mini Redundant Power Supply makers approved


  • Storage capacity: 6 x 5.25" DVD and 2 x 3.5" HDD and 2 x 2.5" HDD bay

  • Intelligent EnergySaving device's default is all fans automatically activated if system temperature up to 38 degree-C

  • Intelligent EnergySaving device's default is 38 degree-C but individual fan can be adjusted between 30~60 degree-C

  • Intelligent EnergySaving device supported with four fan fail's indication and warming (stop warning by any button)

  • Intelligent EnergySaving device supported with Celsius or Fahrenheit Degree (convertible by C/F button)

  • Build in security butterfly key-lock front door with removable air filter

  • HDD drive bay with anti-vibration function

  • Build in high grade aluminum rackmounting handles

  • Build with high & clean grade Korean SECC sheet metal by 1.2mm thickness

  • Equipped two USB 2.0 ports

  • Build in two set of easy swap removable 12cm fan brackets inside of chassis

  • Cooling by two brand new YATE LOON D12SM-12C 120mmx25mm 2ball bearing intake fans

  • Optional 2 x 60mmx25mm exhaust fans

  • Support standard eATX(12"13") & eATX(12"10.5") & ATX(12"x9.6") & Micro-ATX(9.6"x9.6") & Mini-ITX(6.7"x6.7") MB

  • Support PS2 power supply with 120mm~140mm fan version (max. psu depth: 200mm)

  • support PS2 Mini Redundant power supply by Zippy, Athena Power, Etasis, and Enermax (max. psu depth: 200mm)

  • Support 4 slot full high expansion cards (max. 342mm long)

  • Note: All full height GPU cards with power input on top side will not fit with 3U chassis

  • Standard paint: black

  • Chassis dimension: 19" x 3U x 650mm (25.59" deep)

  • Green Energy saving server patent pending areas: China, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Japan, USA, UK, EU, Russia

  • Patent and Law attorney agency: China GuanDong Kwo Hui Attorney at Law


Dimension Drawing

Chassis Quick Manual

Our Price:pad$120.00

(The pricing does not include MB, HDDs and rail set on the picture)

Availability: Ouf of Stock
Part#: IPC-G3650X
Ground Shipping: $45.00
Canada : $90.00
Alaska/Hawaii: $90.00

  IPC-G3650X Our Price:pad$120.00
Visa ,MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

IPC-G3650X_MRG-6500P 500W Our Price:pad$520.00

IPC-G3650X_MRG-5800V4V 800W Our Price:pad$620.00

IPC-G3650X_TC500R8A Our Price:pad$465.00

IPC-G3650X_AP-RRP4ATX6808 Our Price:pad$640.00

IPC-G3650X_AP-RRP4ATX6508 Our Price:pad$540.00

Accessory optional (Free Shipping for purchasing w/ Chassis)

Check ALL 2U CPU fans ; Free S/H for ship with Chassis (


Item Price  
USB 3.0 module $10

Optional 2 x 60mm x 25mm YATE LOON D60SM-12


24in 2 Layer 3 Travel 2 x Universal Slide Rail & 4 x Rail Holder $50  

18in Full Extension 2 x Universal Slide Rail & 4 x Rail Holder $40

Black 20in Slide Rail & Rail Holder for  2 x rails and 4 x L-type brackets $30

26in Slide Rail & Rail Holder for  2 x rails and 4 x L-type brackets $40

4Post Rear Mount and 2post Central Mount brackets $15

Xeon CPU 800MHz Mounting Kit $10
Aluminum 1 x 5.25"  to 4x2.5" SAS/ATA Hot-Swap Cage Backplane TL-225_525 $22
Aluminum 1 x 5.25"  to 4x2.5" SAS/SATA Hot-Swap Cage Backplane RW-425 $52
Aluminum 1 x 5.25" to 6x2.5" SATA Hot-Swap Cage Backplane RW-625 $60
5.25" to 8x2.5" SATA Hot-Swap Cage Backplane RW-1825 $98
Aluminum 1 x 5.25" to 1x3.5" SAS/SATA TrayLess Hot-Swap Cage Backplane TL-135 $25

Aluminum 2x5.25" to 8x2.5" SAS/SATA Hot-Swap Cage Backplane RW-825 $80

Aluminum 3x5.25" to 12x2.5" SAS/SATA Hot-Swap Cage Backplane RW-1225 $100
Aluminum 2 x 5.25" to 3x3.5" SAS/SATA TrayLess Hot-Swap Cage Backplane TL-335 $55
Aluminum 3 x 5.25" to 5x3.5" SAS/SATA TrayLess Hot-Swap Cage Backplane TL-535 $85
Universal 5.25" Bay  to 3.5" HDD or 3.5" HDD Bay to 2x2.5" HDDs $5

HDD Bracket for 5.25" Bay $5

450W Dual Fan SATA Power supply $15

Athena Power 600W EPS12V Xeon P4ATX60FE


80+ 600W EPS12V PS3 MPS3ATX60FEP8 $120

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