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Mobile Rack

Best Cooling! 1U / 2U CPU cooling fan for Intel / AMD, full series!!!


Power Supply Accessories

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Picture of PAPTX-AGP

Multi Riser card for AGP/PCI/PCI Express

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2U Rackmount Chassis ITX ; 17.83" deep Case 

8 x SATA/SAS Tray / Multilane Backplane ; 2 x 2.5" HDD Bays





The Mini-ITX with multi-core processor structure and the newest Intel X99 platform have already the trend nowadays, the most prominent feature of S2082-ITX is the short depth at 453mm, and also compatible with eight 3.5" hotswap drives as well as two 2.5" internal hard drive space, excellent matching and application of RAID controller card installed to comply with this storage server in the cloud environment. A large number and variety of choice of hard disk access space, front and rear symmetrical bodies patented design can also enhance the system integration flexibility and overall strength, also the whole bodies do not skew or distort to achieve robust and ensure the security and stability of the system. Cooling as standard two 80mm x 25mm 2-ball bearing fans as effective cooling system, combines the advantages of multi-functional and competitive price


  • Two internal 2.5" HDD bay:

       7mm~15mm height of 2.5" EasySwap HDD/SSD compatible

  • 8 hotswap 3.5" HDD bay (2.5" HDD/SSD also compatible):

       SATA2/SATA3(6G) & SAS-1/SAS-2(6G) HDD, max. 25.4mm height of HDD compatible

       or MiniSAS HD (12G) HDD, max. 26.1mm height of HDD compatible (RAID card required)

  • Mobile rack Left LED: Green power LED

  • Mobile rack Right LED: Blue access LED (sold Red light if HDD temp over 60-degree C)

  • Stainless & Hair surface proceeded mobile rack structure with security keylock

  • 2 Hotswap 6G SFF-8087 backplanes: 1 to 4port MiniSAS connector (6G version)

  • 2 Hotswap 12G SFF-8643 backplanes: 1 to 4port MiniSAS HD connector (12G version)

  • Front bezel equipped with two USB 2.0 ports

  • Two EasySwap Sunon 80mmx25mm 2ball fans against HDD

  • Room noise without fans activated is 49dBA, tested by 10cm distance to the running fans is

       55dBA (including room noise)

  • Compatible MB: Mini-ITX(6.7"x6.7")

  • 8cm or 12cm~14cm fan version standard PS2 PSU compatible (max. depth at 205mm)

  • Support SureStar R4S series 400W~500W PS2 Mini Redundant PS (depth 174mm)

  • Support Enhance ENR0500 400W~600W PS2 Mini Redundant PS (depth 185mm)

  • Support Zippy MRT & MRW series 300W~600W PS2 Mini Redundant PS (depth 185mm)

  • Support Etasis EFRP-2402/2462/S2502 400W~500W PS2 Mini RPS (depth 190mm)

  • Support SureStar R4B series 600W~800W PS2 Mini Redundant PS (depth 199mm)

  • Support Zippy MRG series 500W~800W PS2 Mini Redundant PS (depth 200mm)

  • Support 2 slot Low profile expansion cards at max. 205mm deep

  • Major sheet metal by SGCC 1.2mm~2.0mm thickness with no burr & sharp corner design

  • Patented front/rear symmetrical body design makes system flexibility & durable strength

  • Standard paint: black at front

  • Chassis dimension: 19" x 2U x 453mm (17.83" deep)

  • Accessory pack: Key x2, #6 flat screw x32, #6 truss screw x4, M3 truss screw x8,

       #6 countersunk screw x4, M3 countersunk screw x8, hotswap mobile rack module's ID

       sign & parts x1 set

  • Package: NW 8 KGM, GW 10 KGM, 2.44 CUFT (58.5x59x20cm, one durable box packed)


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Our Price:pad$285.00 (The pricing does not include MB, HDDs and rail set on the picture)
Availability: Project only; please CALL
Part#: ITX-S2082-6G - BK
Shipping: FOB Taiwan; please CALL



Our Price:pad$300.00 (The pricing does not include MB, HDDs and rail set on the picture)
Availability: Project only; please CALL
Part#: ITX-S2082-12G - BK
Shipping: FOB Taiwan; please CALL


Accessory optional (Free Shipping for purchasing w/ Chassis)

Check ALL 2U CPU fans


Item Price  


Slim Rail Set NJ-S628 $50

4Post Rear Mount and 2post Central Mount brackets $10

450W Dual Fan SATA Power supply $15

Sparkle 400W ATX-400PA-B204 $45

Sparkle 650W EPS12V i7 P4 FSP650-80GLC $98

Athena Power 600W EPS12V Xeon P4ATX60FE


Zippy 460W 24+8+4 Xeon P4 HP2-6460P $100

80+ 600W EPS12V PS3 MPS3ATX60FEP8 $120
SFF-8087 to SFF-8087 cable SFF-8087-Cable $12
SFF-8087 to 4xSATA cable SFF-8087-4SATA-Cable $13


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